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Data Services

Variable Data

Have you ever received a mailer and for some reason you can put it down, then you realize that the mail is all about you: type of music you like, the car you drive, style of furniture you purchase even your political preference. This is a personalized mailer; it’s amazing how seeing your unique information in print can raise the level of curiosity you have about the contents of a mail piece. Imagine how your customers and prospects will react when they receive a mail piece that has been personalized using variable information your company collected in the CRM you have been pouring content into for years.
Our Programmers and Creative team can design and implement a dynamic mail piece that is guaranteed to get attention, Simple as a personalized message or more complex such as variable imaging base on criteria of the recipient. We have the most up-to-date software (XMpie, Pageflex and Planet Press) to handle large and Complex data driven campaigns.

Online Store Front

Our on line print solution enables your company to select items they wish to purchase from a pre-defined list - they are able to view pricing, determine the quantity and specifications. A broad range of template items such as corporate stationery, brochures and newsletters can be offered while at the same time more complex items, such as direct mail components and marketing collateral are also supported.

We also offer a customizable reporting engine. Reports can be scheduled to run and made available to the end user clients as either MS Word, MS Excel, PDF or HTML


Personalized URLs (or PURLs) are custom website addresses set up to deliver highly specialized content to your customers and prospects based on their individual preferences and tastes.
The premise is fairly simple. When you add a PURL to a print or email marketing campaign, each recipient will receive their own unique website link, associated with their specific account or contact information. On a print piece, such as a postcard, flyer, or newsletter, the PURL will appear as a printed website address, somewhere on the page. For an email campaign, it will be a clickable link. In both cases, the address is unique to each recipient, so no two are the same.
When the customer clicks the PURL (in an email message) or types that PURL (from a direct mail piece) into the address bar on their favorite browser, the website they are linking to will use that PURL to identify the visitor and deliver personalized content targeted specifically to them.

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