Whether you are sending out a standard or EDDM Postcard our Direct mail program provides you with an efficient solution for your next mailer. The mailing processes we have in place can save you money on postage and speed your delivery time.

Mailing Services / EDDM

EDDM - Every Door Direct Mail

Today, Direct Mail Services has a better response rate then Email Blast Services. With almost 81% of households reading or scanning their mail daily! Our EDDM Bundle makes your life easy, affordable and stress free!

Database Management

Our database management solution is designed to optimize delivery and ensure the best rate possible for all your mailings. It also makes it easy to personalize your materials and target your mailings based on predefined criteria. So before you try to go it alone with your mailings, give us a call. We're here to help.

INKJET address

From a simple to address to a personalized message our High speed ink jet process will address your postcard or envelope accurately every time.


Whether a simple, one-page sales letter in an envelope or a multi-piece marketing kit (letter, brochures, training CD, note pads, reply form, etc.), our automated inserters allow us to handle large and small volume mailings. We've also perfected a fast and accurate method of hand insertion for those projects which cannot be done by machine

List Procurement

We offer a full range of direct mail lists allowing you to accurately target good prospects for your business. Our lists can be segmented based on provide criteria Exp: single family home, Age, income, Gender ext,

Other Services